"24 Months" Mix Tape (Digital Download)

"24 Months" Mix Tape (Digital Download)

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After twenty years of working in the field of banking technology, I decided to chase a life-long dream to write and produce music. In August 2017 I committed to that dream and set out to become a student of the songwriting and production process. I released my first EP that year in November and I haven’t looked back since - releasing a single just about every month. That’s a lot of writing! Why? I really wanted to explore different sounds and to become, well, a better songwriter. 

“24 Months” is a collection of the songs I released AND some bonus stuff that has been sitting on my hard-drive. Why a mix-tape? Because this collection has a little bit of every genre mixed in. Sort of a song gumbo. :)

Here's what you get!

Released Music

  • My People (Album)
    • Huggin Arms
    • Chance
    • Little Boy
    • My People
  • Heart Be Gone
  • LFK
  • Get Up Now
  • Kind Eyes
  • Swoon You
  • Christopher
  • Wrecked My Heart
  • Lucky Me
  • Take Me Back Home
  • You and Me
  • Tractor Beam
  • Lovely Lovely
  • Crawl Inside You

Bonus Songs! (Recorded live and unreleased)

  • Eventually
  • So Much You Love
  • Witness
  • Light
  • Told You So

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